Flea Bombs

If there are a large number of fleas in your house, the best thing you can do to get rid of them is to flea bomb them. Flea Bombs work by spraying certain chemicals into the atmosphere such that the fleas are killed by it. However, it might also be toxic for humans themselves and for the pets as well. So, they must be used carefully. A complete step by step procedure on how to flea bomb a house has been provided here:

Step One: Buy a Good Quality Flea Bomb

The working of the flea bomb would depend on its quality. You might not be convinced, but yes, it’s true! The brand of flea bombs also makes a difference. Hence, you must buy one of a better quality. In case you don’t know which flea bomb is of good quality, it is advisable to check online reviews you can also take the advice of the retainer and your friends in case they have used it earlier?

Flea BombsStep Two: Read the Instructions Completely

The working of most of the flea bombs is same. Hence, you just have to read the instructions in case you are using it for the first time. However, make sure that you do not skip any important instruction.

Step Three: Open all the Drawers and Cabinet Doors

The flea might hid itself in the furniture, sofa sets etc. of your house. Hence, make sure that you open all the drawers and the cabinet doors where you suspect fleas. Also, remove the sofa covers and except those places where eatables are stored, open everything.

Step Four: Eating Utensils should be Kept Aside

In order to make sure that the flea bomb does not affect eating utensils and eatables, it is necessary to keep these things locked up in a separate cabinet while flea bomb is attacking the house. Never spray on these as it might be ingested by you later on and then it would create problems for everybody. Also, it would be very difficult to clean the utensils later on after the spray gets deposited on them.

Step Five: Cover the Special Furniture

Some of the furniture might get affected by the spray. Hence, it is advisable to cover such furniture. Some of the electronic equipment might also be damaged if spray falls on it. So, cover it using the plastic sheets. You can also use old sheets which you are not using now.

Step Six: Seal the Fish Tank

In case there is a fish tank in your house, it is important to seal it because the chemical is highly dangerous for fish and might kill them in seconds. The best thing to do would be to transfer the fish to some neighbor’s place.

Step Seven: Turn off the Lights

It is recommended that you switch off the mains before spraying the chemical. But in case that is not possible, at least switch off all the electronic equipment’s and make sure that the lights are switched off.

Step Eight: Empty your House

The flea bomb would take more than eight hours to get settled completely. Hence, it is advisable that once the chemical has been sprayed, nobody enters the house for at least 8 hours. The chemical is dangerous not only for the humans, but also for the pets. So, do not let your pets wander here and there while there is a flea bomb in the house?

Step Nine: Set the Flea Bomb at the Centre of the House

In order to make sure that the entire house gets the advantage of the flea bomb, it is recommended that the Flea Bombs set in a central location, otherwise a part of the house might remain stuck with fleas even after flea bomb. And, as soon as you set the bomb, run out of the house and do not stay for anything.

Step Ten: Return and Clean the House

After eight hours, open the door of the house and re-enter into it. Open all the doors and windows immediately and vacuum clean the house. The sheets that you used to cover the furniture should be washed and do not forget to put on gloves while cleaning.